Friday, January 06, 2006

Jabber Client Concept

I share a lot of files with my cube mate at work. We have an internal jabber server running but I hate using the file sharing feature. Half the time it doesn’t work because the other person has to correctly accept the file (which means re sending if it gets screwed up) and, when the person isn’t there, no one clicks “Accept.” I would like to be able to cut-and-paste things I find interesting to send to my buddies around the office. I want to do this without having to use the file transfer feature. The pictures below pretty much sum up what I’m looking for:

Jabber Concepts - Images

Jabber Concepts - Movie and audio clips

Jabber Concepts - Web sites

I think it would mostly consist of providing interfaces for enclosures—like RSS. I think it could be done with some Flash (for media controls) and C# (my language of choice). Any takers?


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