Monday, June 27, 2005

Keeping Track

The Idea

Quick way to build relationships between files for later consumption.

The Case

I do a lot of reading online and I often find an article to read later or something I want to keep for future reference. I want a quick easy way to store articles without dragging links to my desktop and having 50 “to read” or “keep” articles cluttering up my desktop. There are programs like the Google and MSN Desktops. Both those programs are awesome and productive. However, they just index the aforementioned “to read” files I’m trying to stay away from. This may even be similar to an RSS feed aggregator, where the feed is created as I add items to it.

The Proposal

What about an target—perhaps a box icon—on your desktop where you could drag your files: links from your browser, Office documents, xml documents, etc. These files would be examined (IFilters) and “processed” for filenames, keywords and embedded links. I was thinking about Bayesian filtering but after reading some case studies on how it works, I’m not sure this would fit the bill. Perhaps a tagging structure similar to or 43 Folders. Anyway, some sort of processing. Then I could see what my latest “to read” documents where and they would automatically be categorized, perhaps even by a rank.


I watched the Longhorn Heart RSS video on Channel 9 the other day and think the RSS List concept might be worth considering. Perhaps RSS List Heart Bayesian Filtering Heart Tags?


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