Friday, July 02, 2004


VS2005 Express

As a mostly Microsoft centric programmer and an early adopter, I was very excited about the news of the Express editions of Visual Studio 2005 (okay, I'm more excited to get my hands on VS2005 Beta 1). In fact, I'm installing WinXP on Virtual PC right now. I think I might tackle the Summer of Express Contest. Who doesn't want another Xbox and Halo 2?

Update: I am really loving the Express suite. I hope to download VS2005 Beta 1 this weekend. I just love that the Express components are less than 2 Gig! Weighing in at 56 Mb isn't to shabby.

Halo 2

I would just like to take a moment and express my absolute and utter excitement regarding Halo 2. I think I've read every single piece of information out there. I still haven't pre-ordered but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the Special Edition with a tin box and extra footage DVD. The only thing is, will my wife let me get it with the release date so close to Christmas??? I'm sure she will. Right honey?

Bible Study

Kristin and I did a Bible study for a while (31 days) to try to a) get into the Word more and b) spend time together learning about God. Basically it was a bunch of Bible verses (supplied by our young marrieds group leader) with specific purposes for each verse. We did a "What's the point?" and "Application" for each verse and then did prayer requests for someone we know and for each other. It was really nice and I think it helped us grow closer together. However, we've finished and need something new. We've looked at devotionals but they don't seem to fit the bill. I'm a huge fan of John MacArthur and am going to look a little more into his Bible studies. They look all right. Actually, we've talked about doing the Bible walk through in the front of Kristin's Bible. It's a neat really deal. It has topics like "Jesus' ministry" and "Paul's missionary journies." That may be the route we take.


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